Logo and Linking Policy


All rights to use the name, likeness or images of spokespeople or nonprofits featured on share-fresh.upgradeya.com requires third party approval and may not be granted by share-fresh.upgradeya.com. Do not use name, likeness or image of the above for promotion or advertising unless approval by the appropriate third parties has been obtained.


  • The share-fresh.upgradeya.com logo must be used in the exact form provided.
  • The share-fresh.upgradeya.com logo must always appear with a registration [c2] symbol (small R in a circle) at the bottom right corner of the oval.
  • When using the share-fresh.upgradeya.com logo on a black or dark background, the logo must appear with a white trap. Background colors must never show through the logo.

Logo Colors

  • When using the share-fresh.upgradeya.com logo in printed applications such as brochures, print ads, etc., utilize 4-color process.

Do Not:

The consistent application of the share-fresh.upgradeya.com logo ensures that the organization is recognizable and legible. With that, we ask that you do not:

  • Stretch the logo vertically or horizontally
  • Change the typeface
  • Change the logo’s colors
  • Tile the logo or change its orientation
  • Flop the elements
  • Crop or show partial view
  • Add drop shadows or silhouette
  • Add design elements
  • Remove design elements from the logo
  • Place the logo in a shape or incorporate into any other logo
  • Place the logo on complex backgrounds
  • Embed the logo in text or copy
  • Display the logo(s) on any website that disparages SHARE, or violates any law or regulation.
  • Use the logo to promote or imply endorsement of any activity or campaign without written permission.

Linking Policy

share-fresh.upgradeya.com is owned and managed by share-fresh.upgradeya.com. To protect the organization’s integrity and those represented, authorization to use the logo and/or images from the site is required.

  • Upholding the integrity of share-fresh.upgradeya.com is imperative. Although share-fresh.upgradeya.com does not prohibit linking to share-fresh.upgradeya.com, there is an expectation that improper use which could include actions such as libelous, obscene or criminal, or leveraging the organization’s brand or site to mislead the public for personal gain will not be tolerated.
  • The use of the share-fresh.upgradeya.com mark in promotion and advertising is not permitted with lottery, game of chance gambling act or business, sexually explicit materials, illegal drugs or drugs whose use or distribution are prohibited by any governmental authority, hard liquor or other areas reasonably deemed by share-fresh.upgradeya.com to be inappropriate.
  • By virtue of linking to share-fresh.upgradeya.com’s site, it does not explicitly or implicitly denote a relationship or endorsement of any sort.

The following is considered an acceptable link pursuant to the terms above: share-fresh.upgradeya.com

To ensure compliance with the interests of share-fresh.upgradeya.com, please submit your inquiry to .

By linking to share-fresh.upgradeya.com’s website, you agree to the terms and conditions below:

  • Links may be referenced by stating ‘share-fresh.upgradeya.com’ or ‘share-fresh.upgradeya.com’
  • By linking to this website, please ensure there are no implications or references to suggest a partnership or endorsement by share-fresh.upgradeya.com, unless authorization has been granted otherwise.
  • By including the share-fresh.upgradeya.com link on your site, you agree to indemnify and defend this institution against all claims arising from your website.
  • At its discretion, share-fresh.upgradeya.com may amend its policies stated above to protect its mission and brand. If policy changes affect your link and by virtue of your agreement to these regulations, you agree to terminate all links immediately.