Blank Canvas Awareness Art

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Year Founded:
Local Leader / Exec. Director:
Donna Gargett/ Executive Director
Main Address:
108 N. Kerr Ave.
Suite J-2
Wilmington, NC 28405

What We Do

Do you have a child with a learning difference? Many people reach out to us trying to navigate the education system, look for tools for helping their child learn to read, or looking to build self-esteem for their child. We also provide training opportunities, awareness art shows, support groups and mentoring opportunities. We also serve the adult population that is struggling with dyslexia. Assisting with learning about new technology that can assist adults in the workplace and also help them understand their dyslexia. Many adults have gone undiagnosed or were never properly given proper information. We are a support in many areas. Schedule a free consultation to see if we can help.

Interesting Info

Did you know 1 in 5 people struggle with dyslexia?
Many children go undiagnosed because the school system does not specifically test for dyslexia.

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