Caridad Inc.

Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Carmen Schloner
Main Address

P.O.Box 1045
Leland, NC 28451
United States

What We Do
Caridad is known to solve legal, domestic violence and homelessness for single mothers with unlimited love and time until all her issues are totally solved. It is a join effort between Caridad and the single mother. Sometimes taking up to 2 years of resolution depending the case. Then after step by step Caridad start the process of self-sufficiency sometimes getting better jobs, higher education and sometimes owing their homes.
Interesting Info
  • I help about 5-10 single mothers a year. Each mother takes about 1-2 years in the program to reach their goals: self suffiency.
  • 80% of the single mothers become independent with better jobs and sometimes owning their own business
  • To have my own daycare center called: Caridad Inc.