Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Dale Smith
Main Address

PO Box 11103
Wilmington, NC 28404
United States

What We Do
Thousands of people with treatable health conditions die every day in Sierra Leone due to inadequate resources — clean water, electricity, medical euipment and supplies, medicines and skilled healthcare workers. This is why Mission of Hope: Rotifunk Hospital is helping to rebuild, staff, and make operational a full service, high-quality hospital and community health center in Rotifunk. We’re striving to provide health education outreach and improved sanitation to help future generations break the cycle of disease and poverty in the Moyamba District of Sierra Leone, one of the poorest areas in the world. Particularly we are helping mothers and babies beat the odds and improve their chances of survival.
Interesting Info
  • Located on 11 acres of land, the hospital has a campus of 12 buildings and serves 145,000 people
  • Provided a solar power system with back-up generator, provided a deep bore fresh water well and solar-powered pumping system
  • Through outreaches in neighboring villages, pregnant women are enrolled in the Madonna Project to help save Mothers and babies lives through delivery and beyond
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